CHICKENS! All day, every day!

That’s what’s new at Rendleman Orchards!

Last year we added a small chicken coop near our Farm Market and they have been a hit with our visitors! Currently we have 9 hens. 7 are commercial type hens of laying age; 1 Rhode Island Red (light brown egg) and 6 Hyline Brown’s (medium brown eggs).

This year we have introduced 2 new young hens to our flock that we have raised since young chicks. These new ornamental type hens are sure to catch your eye! We have 1 new black Silkie that looks like a little puff ball with feathers on her feet and 1 silver laced Wyandotte with long orange legs and silver tipped wings.

In the mornings you can visit the girls at their coop between laying eggs. In the afternoons you will spot them free-ranging and pecking around for bugs. This makes the farm eggs delicious! Be sure to get your picture with them and tag us on social media! We love to see chicken snuggles!