Event Calendar

September 28 – 29

September 21 – 22

September 21 – 22

September 2

It’s always sad to leave our Missouri friends at the end of peach season. But…it is NOT goodbye! We have found that our Missouri customers actually prefer to visit us at the farm for apples. Just like everyone else they really want to check out our big Farm Market and experience fall on the farm. Well we can’t wait to see you again soon for apples!

June 29

Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned Porch Party! We like our hospitality to shine at the farm as we showcase just a few of our absolute favorite small businesses that we think are just grand! Look for them set up on our big front porch!

June 24

We are in full peach season and are ready to bring these tree-ripened beauties over to our friends in Southeast Missouri to enjoy! We will announce the seasons new location of our Pop-up Market on social media and keep you up to date on what we will be bringing to you fresh daily. Look for our little red building in Cape Girardeau again!!

June 15

Peaches are in and we are ready to see our loyal customers again! With the first tree-ripened peaches brought in from the orchards, we open our on-farm location in Alto Pass. The Farm Market is stocked with everyone’s favorites and some new delights as well.